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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Welcome to Our Parish

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Welcome to Our Parish

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Welcome to Our Parish Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Welcome to Our Parish

Capital Campaign


Our Family Growing

A church is not a building, it is a family of faith. The picture you see to the left, with our parishioners as the "living stones," is a beautiful representation of that reality! We are blessed at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church to have an amazing family of faith--one that is growing in numbers and growing in faith! Our growth has caused some "growing pains" as more and more groups need space on campus for faith formation groups, Bible studies, meetings, prayer groups, etc.  Our Long Range Planning Committee has put together a four-phase building project to help to meet your needs.  

Please be assured that we are committed to not going into debt. We are relying on your generosity to help us to achieve each of these phases. Your sacrificial participation in the Capital Campaign will ensure the necessary space we need to continue to grow and flourish!  Thank you for your willingness and generosity! If you have any questions about our Capital Campaign or growth, please don't hesitate to talk to Fr. John,  Mary Wallin (Chairperson of the Capital Campaign), or one of our Pastoral Council members! 

God Is Good All the Time. All the Time God is Good. That's His Nature. WOW!

Your donations will help us build the next phase

  1. Phase 1: Expand the current parish office from 2,260 sq. ft. and from 7 offices to 16 offices. The new office will also include a multipurpose  conference room that could be used after hours. This phase also includes a new Adoration Chapel. 
  2. Phase 2: Build a NEW Immaculata Hall connected to the west side of the church, providing additional meeting rooms, expanded nursery facilities, new choir room, and a large gathering space that is about 150% larger than the current Immaculata Hall.  
  3. The New Immaculata Hall will provide the opportunity to separate daily parish and school activities for the safety of our children  and for the needs of the parishioners.
  4. Phase 3: The current Immaculata Hall will be repurposed as a designated Pre-School Building (two 3-year-old and two 4-year-old classes).
  5. Phase 4: Additional classrooms, offices, and security measures will be created through a renovation of part  of the existing school building.
  6. The current choir room will be renovated into two confessionals and storage.
  7. We will relocate the baptistery just inside the front doors of the church nave.
  8. A beautiful columbarium has been designed and can be built at any time.


Cost Summary

Phase 1: Office Expansion- $606,500- Completed May 2016

Phase 2: New Immaculata Hall-$2,137,950

Phase 3: Repurposing of Old Immaculata Hall-$450,000

Phase 4: School Renovation-$221,700

No particular phase-Confessionals/Baptistery-$60,000

No particular phase-Columbarium (300 niches)-$189,572

No particular phase-Driveway-$207,000

no particular phase-A/E Fees and Contingency ( 12%)-$464,727 

Total- $4,337.449

These totals are from January 2015  and are subject to change depending  on when  each  phase is built